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Kallas Honey Farm, Inc. is proud to have packed strictly domestic, pure honey for commercial use for over 80 years. Our procurement team maintains generational relationships with our producers ensuring the quality of our product and a consistent supply to meet our customer’s demand. We specialize in blending to order at all volumes to meet the color and flavor needs of your application. Maple Products and specialty items are available in bulk quantity as well.


    - Premium Light Amber

    -Extra Light Amber

    - White


    - Grade A Pure Maple Syrup

    - Grade C Pure Maple Syrup

    - Maple Sugar


    Custom Labeling and other specialty products may be available by request. Please contact our office for specific inquires.

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Available Packaging

- 5 lb. Jugs

- 1 Gallon Pails

- 48 lb. Pails

- 650 lb. Steel Drum

- 3,300 lb. Totes

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