Where do we get our honey?


Kallas Honey Farm sources honey from around the United States. The majority of bottling honey is sourced from the midwest near the Great Lakes, generally Wisconsin and Michigan. Certain varietal honeys are sourced from states where pollination is available. For example, orange blossom honey is sourced from Florida and California.


Kallas honey is unfiltered and uncooked to preserve as many natural nutrients and antioxidants as possible. Honey arrives to the facility in bulk quantities, raw and often naturally crystallized solid.  It is heated just enough to flow through the plant. There are no filtering agents used during the bottling process, instead, liquid honey then passes through membranes to remove only the wax and fine sediment before being packaged. 


The largest percentage of Kallas Honey goes to supplying commercial food manufacturers, restaurants, and bakeries. Kallas also has an extensive retail line of honeys and related specialty products including honey barbeque, honey mustard, maple syrup, granola and more!


Frequently asked questions
Are there any additives in Kallas honey?

No, there are no additives in any of our honeys. Varietal honey or monofloral honey, is honey that is sourced mainly from a specific plant. Bees placed in hundreds of acres of sunflowers, for example, will yeild a light, buttery, sunflower honey. Each variety of honey has a unique color and flavor.

What is the difference between Kallas' raw honey and Kallas' typical retail honey?
Is Kallas Honey cooked or pasteurized?
Is Kallas Honey filtered?