For three generations, the Kallas family has been a proud supplier of pure natural
honey and honey products.  Just as we delivered our golden honey door to door
seventy years ago, today we are still as committed to providing you with a high quality
product and preferred service that is second to none. We use only the finest
domestic pure honey which is delicately processed and packaged fresh.  Honey is
one of nature's tastiest secrets.  Whether seasoning meats, creating a delicious
sauce, or baking your favorite sweets, honey is a flavorful addition to many recipes.  
We invite you to try all of our fine honey products as well as our other lines of
specialty items.
Our honey is domestically  produced in the
United States
We sell pure honey, no additives
Call us to place an order (414) 462-3530
Outlet store located  at:   5500 W Douglas Ave.
           Milwaukee, WI 5321                                     
Outlet store hours Monday thru Thursday 8-4:00
Our pure honey is packaged in convenient sizes and easy to use squeeze bottles,
perfect for everyday table use.  We offer many different types of honey.  
Alfalfa light in
color, delicate, not as sweet as most honey types.  
Blueberry Blossom taken from the
tiny white flowers of the blueberry bush, has a pleasant flavor and a light amber color.
Buckwheat a dark full bodied, strong flavored honey, found to contain more
antioxidant compounds than some lighter honeys.
Clover is one of the most widely
available and popular honey varieties.
Cranberry Blossom has a slightly red color and
tart flavor.
Orange Blossom is a white honey that has a mild slightly citrus flavor.
Sunflower is golden in color with a rich nutty flavor. Wildflower honey is derived from
many different flowers, dark in color, often used when baking.
Tupelo honey comes
from the river basins of northwest Florida, light in color with a delicate yet distinctive

We also offer three different sizes of raw honey.  Raw honey is the healthiest choice
amongst the various forms of honey as it has the most nutritional value.
Kallas Honey Farm